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Start a New Career With Dallas Altig-Orlovic
May 14, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Dallas AO

Right now is the most exciting time in our history – we are growing quickly. Dallas AO offers the right services, in the right market, and we're working on hiring the right people. By helping Texas families protect their financial futures, we can help you to build yours with a career of your own. Any career with us will not only allow you to make more money since we are one of the highest paying company's in the industry but it will also give you the freedom to have the lifestyle you’ve been looking for with our strong belief on work life balance, this is all while helping the families that need our help the most.  

Not happy with your current career? Dallas AO Is Here to Help 

If you're looking for a profitable career you'll actually enjoy, Dallas AO is here to help. We're partners with members of national credit unions, labor unions, and associations, as well as private clients, providing permanent benefits and asset management. We have served families with a personal touch for over 25 years. Each year that we spend meeting with families face-to-face only furthers our resolve that it is the best way to serve our customers.

Real Support from Real People 

From the start of your career, you’ll meet face-to-face with members that have requested their permanent benefits to complete their union and current benefits. At a time when simply talking with a “real human” and not a "bot" at a company seems impossible, Dallas AO still meet with our clients in person. Our friendly team takes pride in combining modern financial services with old-fashioned customer service. In fact, Dallas AO has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau--it just goes to show that fostering ethical workplaces is one of our priorities. 

Help Yourself By Helping Others

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Being a part of an agency that helps communities is more than being just a cog in a machine. You’ll be partners with a family of mentors and friends. We believe that when you help others reach their dreams, those people will help you reach your dreams.  It’s that simple, and it works. This business is much more than a way to make a living. It’s a special way of living your life by being of service to others, helping protect families and helping people unleash their professional potential.

Protecting the Middle Class since 1959

We are the only company in the world that is in financial services and has a direct contract with over 48,000+groups. Dallas AO partners with labor unions and is an expert on union benefit packages and asset management. Most people know us for our insurance policies, but we also devote time and resources to help the families in our community with the Amber Alert Program, allowing anybody who experiences one of their children going missing to issue an amber alert without the usual wait time everybody is familiar with. Just another way that Dallas AO helps protect the middle class.

Become part of Dallas AO

At Dallas AO, we know that life is unpredictable. The better we prepare our clients for adversity in life, the better prepared we will all be to handle obstacles professionally. Looking for a profitable new career that lets you help your community? We'd like to hear from you. 

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